Mr. Dilip Mainali is present President of Chitwan Tourism Development Committee which was established for flourishment of tourism in Chitwan. Born in 2013 B.S in Gajuri of Dhading District shifted to Chitwan with his family in 2017 B.S. He completed his SLC for J.P high school in Chettrapati, Kathmandu, I.Com from Saraswati College and B.Com form Shankardev Campus. Getting introduced to a hotel business owner during his study of B.Com, he rushed to Chitwan and started his own business after he completed his Bachelors' Degree level. Hotel industry is a very important sector of tourism industry. Whether it is internal or external both tourists seek for proper accommodation during their visit to any area .With the time Chitwan developed itself as a hub for all sorts of tourists and hotel owners started unifying and hence uplifting the tourism industry here. A short interview with Mr. Mainali by reporter Santosh Devkota:

Q: How did you enter hotel business?

A: While I was studying my B.Com in Kathmandu, I got introduced to hotel industrialists. I got chance to learn a lot about this business then. I was attracted towards hotel and tourism industry afterwards. Right after completion of B.Com I rushed to Chitwan and commenced with Hotel Chitwan Pvt.Ltd. Later on in Business I got opportunity to work with Key Man Group, of which I was a director at that time. Group used to run Bhanchaghar (Kitchen) to Apartments in different tourist locations like Sauraha, Pokhara, Gorkha, Nagarkot, Kathmandu, etc. During my business career I've already taken Hotel Management Training also.

Q: How was Chitwan Tourism Development Committee established?

A: After increment of hotels and lodges in Chitwan slowly tourism industry started to get heads up. Actually tourism means visit to a special place by internal or external visitors. Especially after Sauraha area of Chitwan started getting well recognized hotels and lodges started to get their feet on the ground here. Commenced with simple sitting mat, hotels and lodges have been able to change and flow with the changing time, fulfilling the requirements of tourists. Basically the most relational sector to tourism industry is hotel industry. All the business holders started their business for improvement of their own and for increasing the number of tourists' visit. Hence, getting to know that if tourism flourishes than the number of visitors will also increase; many hotel industrialists and well wishers united together to formally establish this committee. With the motto of uplifting the standard of tourist destinations by simplifying and facilitating visits to Chitwan for tourists this committee was established. With the help of District Development Committee and active participation of hotel industrialists in 2057 B.S. this group was formed. After its establishment tourism development has been simplified. Committee has been focusing on the tourist destinations and taking steps for its development. Though due to lack of resources and materials its works are being hindered.

Q: What are your thoughts on tourism industry and hotel industry?

A: Tourism industry is a vague sector by itself. There are other several areas within this industry. Providing visitors with full entertainment and making their stay very cozy and comfortable who comes to visit any place, get entertained and explore is tourism whereas hotel industry is only a part of tourism industry. It means hotel industry itself lies within tourism industry. In present context of our country here itself, tourism industry is a major source of national income. Since hotel industry links directly to tourism industry, the need to be clean, fresh, facilitated and well managed for luring tourists. Tourists are more like guests. So, welcoming, respecting, and taking their good care should every tourism industrialists' main motto.

Q: Possibilities and Hurdles for tourism in Chitwan?

A: We all tourism industrialists got together basically to fight the hurdles and uplift the standard of tourist destinations. Chitwan has a very high potential for tourism industry development because of its location in heart of country. If its potential is utilized and hurdles are cleared then only then the industry can grow, we all have understood that. We have been seeking new destinations and advertising them along with that providing them required attention for its betterment. Siraichuli from where a beautiful panoramic view of sunrise can be observed was also found by Chitwan Tourism Development Committee. Our committee has been focusing on advertisement and development of Siraichuli, Devghat, Sauraha, etc for Chitwan's tourism development.

Q: Tourism in Chitwan "Then and Now"?

A: Like a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; every works is commenced simply at earlier stage. In earlier days only those involved with committee were aware of tourist destinations. Targeted group were not in reach of those information. Bringing tourist to Chitwan was a hasty job. Initially only three types of tourists visited Chitwan. Consisting government in-transit and packages only three types of tourists visited. Today almost all Nepalese has become a tourist. Likewise Chitwan is also being established as medical city of Nepal. Compared to past times inflow of tourist is reaching heights today. Transportation was another problem then that withheld tourists from visiting Chitwan. But the scenario has changed today. Infrastructures for tourism industrial development are under construction. Though what we have today is not enough already. Skilled manpower is still not up to the mark in quantity today. Also due to political conditions of our country recent years have been disappointing for the industry. Chitwan has been regarded as third most important tourist destination in Nepal, though I think it stays in upfront position. This is because Chitwan is very important in prospective of Religious, Cultural, and natural heritages.

Q: What steps are to be taken for Tourism development of Chitwan?

A: Availability of infrastructures regarding tourism is very necessary for tourism development of not only Chitwan but of whole nation. If transportation, hotels and restaurants, communication, electricity, guides and many other requirements are fulfilled only than tourism development is possible in expected scale. Political condition and peace and security also create impacts on tourism development. The unstable condition of country in past few years has been a major problem for tourism development all over the country.

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