Wildlife Tourism

Well-known as the inhabitant of one-horned rhinoceros, Chitwan National Park and the community forests provide shelter to several rare animals. Thousands of internal as well as international tourists visit the park as well as the community forests every year to view the animals and the resources like Tiger, Bison, Deer, Bear, Crocodile Breeding Center and the rare insects. Chitwan National Park, being the oldest national park in the country inhabiting a diverse biodiversity, broadens the scope of the Wildlife Tourism in the district and the country. Enlisted in the World Heritage Sites, Chitwan National Park has been attracting the tourists from around the world. The park also provides the facilities of Elephant Safari so that the visitors can get a close view of the animals sitting on the elephants.



२HISTORICAL TOURISM: Built by Shutrabhanjan Shah the grandson of Father of Modern Nepal King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the Uperdang Gadi of Chitwan is most important historical site here. It was built 255 years ago and was also the headquarter of Chitwan earlier which is now replaced by Bharatpur. Other historical places that boost historical tourism in Chitwan are: Devghat Dham, Valmiki Ashram, Kavilaspur Gadi, Pandav Nagar, etc.


ENVIRONMENTAL TOURISM: Environmental diversity has been a boon for Chitwan for long and it won’t be wrong to call Chitwan National Park a center of environmental tourism in Nepal. Home of a peculiar animal One-Horned Rhino which is very rare in whole world these days Chitwan National Park's surrounding forest inhabits other huge number of animals and plants that are on the verge of extinction. In the swamps of this area even Siberian birds watching can be done seasonally. The lakes and rivers in Chitwan are habitat or 126 species of fishes. 43 types of important animals, including 56 species of mammals and 150 species of butterflies dwell alone inside national park itself. Environmental tourism is a connecting thread between nature and society that helps keeping the chaos away.  ।



Cultural Tourism

CULTURAL TOURISM: Nestling people from several ethnicity and linguistics background Chitwan has always been luring the people from all over the world. Whether it be Lathi nach (Stick dance), Dhan nach (Wheat dance) of Tharus or any other festivals of other aboriginal ethnic group, people visiting Chitwan are entertained to fullest. If given attention to prevailing religion, language, literature, occupation, arts, festivals, hymns, etc a huge number of these can be saved which are on the verge of extinction. This can further be a huge help in improvement of Cultural Tourism development. ।





RELIGIOUS TOURISM: Among other tourism sectors, the next with a better scope to flourish in Chitwan is Religious Tourism.A huge number of historical and religious places are located here. Devghat Dham, the place where wife of Lord Rama collapsed inside earth (according to RAMAYANA) carries a huge value in Hindu culture and Chitwan withholds their existence since very long ago. Popularly prevailing in peoples belief Valmiki Ashram, Shomeshwor Kalika temple, Godhak Parshuram Kunda (pond), and other places can be a good resource to be used for further religious tourism development in Chitwan.



RURAL TOURISM: A recently budding attraction for both internal and external tourists is rural tourism. It includes home stays, ideal village and cultural studies which give a chance for visitors to explore the core of people living in rural areas has been supporting Rural Tourism development in Chitwan. ।


After increment of hotels and lodges in Chitwan slowly tourism industry started to get heads up. Actually tourism means visit to a special place by internal or external visitors. Especially after Sauraha area of Chitwan started getting well recognized hotels and lodges started to get their feet on the ground here. Commenced with simple sitting mat, hotels and lodges have been able to change and flow with the changing time, fulfilling the requirements of tourists. Basically the most relational sector to tourism industry is hotel industry. All the business holders started their business for improvement of their own and for increasing the number of tourists' visit. Hence, getting to know that if tourism flourishes than the number of visitors will also increase; many hotel industrialists and well wishers united together to formally establish this committee. With the motto of uplifting the standard of tourist destinations by simplifying and facilitating visits to Chitwan for tourists this committee was established. With the help of District Development Committee and active participation of hotel industrialists in 2057 B.S. this group was formed. After its establishment tourism development has been simplified. Committee has been focusing on the tourist destinations and taking steps for its development. Though due to lack of resources and materials its works are being hindered.

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