Baikuntheswor Mahadev temple is one of the important holy places of Nepal which is situated in Ayodhaypuri VDC-6 Madi, Chitwan. There is the belief that Kuber, king of Lanka used to meditate in Baikuntheswor Dham and later on Bhyada Ratnakar also got wisdom on same place and turned into saint Valmiki. All the present information about Valmiki is gathered from this religious place. According to Hindu mythology, one day Kuber was flying on Puspak Biman towards Bharat Barsh to pray to Lord Shankar. At the same time, Demon Sumali and his daughter Kaikasi saw Kuber in the Sky. Kaikasi asked her father about Kuber. Demon Samuali told that the person on Puspak Biman is Kuber, the grandson of Saint Pulsatya and brave son of Birsbwa Saint. Demon Samuali told to his daughter that to get son like Kuber she must get Ritudaan from Birshwa saint. Kaikasi did what she was told to and she gave birth to three sons and one daughter. The eldest son of Kaikasi was Ravana who also came to Baikuntheswor for meditation and got divine power. Ravana kidnapped Sita and lost war with Lord Rama in Lanka. Rama brought back Sita to Ayodhya Kingdom. Then a washer man said some bad things about the relation of Rama and Sita. So Lord Rama exiled Sita. There wasn't any other divine

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