triveni dham It is near the border of Nepal-India in south western region of Chitwan. Narayani River Sona River and Tamosa River's junction Triveni is named by its number of rivers that connect together in one place. 'Tri' means 3 and 'veni' means junction of water source in Nepali. Sona and Tamosa River are also called Suvernabhadra and Purnabhadra. This junction lies near the Churia mountain range and annually in new moon in month of "Marga" a huge fair is organized which is visited by a massive number of visitors. According to Hindus,if taken bath in this junction all the sins done in human life are washed away. Pilgrims from India, Tibet, Sikkim, and Bhutan attend the fair in astonishing number. On the first day of Marga and in Dashain of month of Chaitra a huge number.

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