About 40 kilometer south form Bharatpur, there lays Madi valley which occupies an area of 238 square kilometer. Divided into 4 VDCs. Despite being decorated with natural, cultural, religious, and historical jewels development of this area is lagging behind due to lack of proper advertisement and research studies. A trek of 4 hours leads to amazing sunrise that can be observed from hill top of Shomeshwor situated in Bagaida VDC-9. The temple of Shomeshwor is annually visited by number of pilgrims at the time of Dashain festival although the ritual of 5 animals sacrifice has been abolished with these days because of changing time and thoughts of people. Rani Daha (pond) and Mugai River can be a good spot for bird watching, if managed properly. Provided a master plan and selection of Shomeshwor hill area in National level Tourism spot, a huge number of tourists from all over can be attracted to this place, hence empowering the nation's economy and identity.

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