balmiki Situated 2 kilometer east to Triveni Dham inside the forest of RAMAYAN era is Valmiki Ashram (hermitage). In Dwapar Yug (an era out of four in Hindu mythology) Luv and Kush, the sons of Lord RAMA were supposedly born in this Ashram. Sita the wife after being abandoned from RAMA's kingdom stayed here and raise her sons. The famous Hindu saint Valmiki is said to have stayed here too meditating afterwards the name was given to the hermitage. Though it lacks a lot of attention required it's one of the "places to visit in Chitwan". It holds archeological, religious, and historical values in the form of huge and numerous stone carvings. A temple of Harinath is also located in the hermitage beside which idols of saint Valmiki (on right), Sita and her sons (left) are made. If managed properly a fair held in Triveni Dham can boost the inflow of Indian visitors and others from all over.

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