The highest point in Chitwan Sirauchuli lies in Mahabharat range. To reach to this point a 5 hours trail walk from Hungdi,that is along Prithvi Highway. Hatti Bang lies on the way to this location where a Cheeping home-stay is popularly carried out. Likewise from south along Shaktikhor, which is gateway of Chitwan-Chepang trail a 7 hours trek leads you to Siraichuli. Actual refreshment is achieved here watching a beautiful sunrise. We also can observe panoramic sight of the great Himalayas, Rhododendron forest, Chepang village and wide flat land of Chitwan itself. Built 255years ago by the grandson of King Prithvi Narayan Shah, Shartru Bhanjan Shah the fort of Uperdang Gadi adds up the excitement to the visitors who are on the way to enjoying aboriginal Chepang culture, tradition, costume, etc. Uperdang Gadi was headquarter of Chitwan district which was replaced by today's headquarter Bharatpur in 2016 B.S. Tourists visiting Chitwan for jungle safari and rafting can be provided with a little trek's experience here. This can lead to increment in tourist inflow and hence boosting the economy of Chitwan.

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