kasaraInside Chitwan National Park, 2 kilometer south from Patihani VDC,crocodile breeding farm and Bikram Baba are situated. This place is renowned as Kasara. In Dashain festival of Chaitra a 15 days fair is held annually. Huge number of internal and external tourists visits this place during this festival like swarm of bees. There is also a museum which showcases bodies and parts of numerous animal, elephants, sakes, pythons, butterflies, rhinos, birds, etc. Many species of fishes, amphibians, and other rare animals can be observed in ponds situated in this area. Crocodile breeding farm is the key attraction in Kasara where a promising number of crocs of different types are multiplied and then later released in wilds. This is helping a lot in preserving the ones which are almost extinct or are endangered.

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