meghauli Center of Nepal's first National park and surrounded by Narayani and Rapti river from three sides forming a beautiful island like landscape Meghauli is rising way up as a popular tourist center. It is just 25 kilometer west from Bharatpur. Way earlier than establishment of national park Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge commenced the jungle safari service for tourists whose gateway is Meghauli. 8 community forests, Tharus cultural museum, 25km of two river banks facilitate tourism industry here. Canoeing, rafting, bird watching, Para jumping and most importantly Elephant polo are major attraction in this area.

The sunset seen from junction of two big rivers Narayani and Rapti is really overwhelming. Once visited it's hard to keep this place off the mind. There are very well facilitated hotels, lodges, community home-stay and even Tharu community home-stay services for those who take a religious and recreational water trail from Devghat Dham to Triveni Dham.

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